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1571 - can't set-up so that callers may leave a message

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1571 - can't set-up so that callers may leave a message

Following my complaints last week (which sadly don't seem to have been dealt with properly) about not having the free Voicemail, yesterday I spoke to [mremoved] who raised a ticket and promised rectification within 24 hours.
Now, when I dial 1571 it tells me that I have no new messages. This is a change from previously when a message said that the line was not equipped with a 1571 service.  However when I dial into my PlusNet number (using a mobile) it tells me that the person is unavailable and that I may not leave a message.
Looking at the Voicemail instructions it says to amend this, after dialling 1571, I need to access the Main menu, dial 1 and then 2.  But my question is.........what is the Main menu?  If I simply tag 1 after 1571 the answerphone connection closes down.
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Re: 1571 - can't set-up so that callers may leave a message

I'm sorry to hear you don't feel this matter was dealt with correctly in your previous thread Here.
I initially arranged for the account to be corrected as the feature wasn't on the line. I also advised that you can add the call feature via the homephone control panel Here if you did want the call feature to be activated.
I explained that it would take 24-48 hours for the account to be corrected, showing that the call feature was not on the account, however there seems to have been some confusion at this point, as it doesn't appear that the call feature was ever requested online following this. I did try to clear this confusion up on my last post in the thread:
Quote from: HarryB
Apologies for any confusion previously, when I said it would take 24-48 hours to update, this was regarding the incorrect information on your account showing that voicemail was active. This has now updated and it shows voicemail is not on the line.
If you now log in to your account, you should be able to request for the call feature to be added through the home phone control panel Here. Once requested to be added, it can take up to 1 working day to active on the line.

I am really sorry to see that the people you spoke to on the phone failed to add the feature through the account and instead placed manual orders Angry I'll make sure a new task is raised to correct the details on your account again and make sure to pass on the feedback.
In regards to your question, the main menu is simply dialling 1571, as per the instructions Here.
How to use Voicemail
To                                                       You should
Access the Voicemail main menu Dial 1571 from your own phone

I hope this helps.
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