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1571 Messaging service volume and clarity

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1571 Messaging service volume and clarity

My folks rely on the 1571 answer service and mentioned that the volume and clarity of messages saved on the 1571 service is low and unclear. I tested this yesterday and agree that the volume is soft and recorded messages sound muffled and unclear.

I tested with a different corded phone which has a speakerphone with the volume to full and I also unplugged the router and listening to the recorded messages are still soft and muffled.

The phone line is clear when using it, internet connection is also good (synced at 79.99 Mbps) it's just the 1571 messages that aren't very loud/clear.

Can anything be done about the volume and clarity of the messages for the 1571 service?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 1571 Messaging service volume and clarity

Hiya @GrKPN3


I'm really sorry to hear this is happening and I can imagine the hassle it is causing. 


One thing we can try is to remove the voicemail service from their line and add it back on. 


It will delete any saved messages though Sad


Can you PM me their account username if you want to go ahead?

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 Sammy M - Sheffield Team
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