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when will the poop hit the fan

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when will the poop hit the fan


Russia always seams to be in the media, i got this funny feeling they will be the next country to start a large war.

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Re: when will the poop hit the fan

Just typical bogeyman stuff from poop stirring publicists..... and everybody's 'reputable' news source.

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Re: when will the poop hit the fan

Scaremongering and sensationalising, both by political ignorance and the media's insatiable need to talk utter bow locks... Smiley



(That's Bow Locks...)

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Re: when will the poop hit the fan

3rd world war will start  in the EAST !! not russia/ china

Just look Iran iraq its spreading all over Sad

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Re: when will the poop hit the fan

Russia likes to make big statements and mild threats but it isn't interested in another world or nuclear war.

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