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spoof/phishing email..... alert

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spoof/phishing email..... alert

received the following this morning....


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You sent a payment of $49.99 USD to FarmVille games.

Receipt No: 0390-2620-3303-5447

Dear Costumer,
This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to

Issues with this transaction?
If you belive this is an error please follow the link below to login to your paypal account. On the next page, please complete the required details, then press the 'Cancel Payment' button to confirm. Your payment will be cancelled and the funds returned to your PayPal account.
Cancel Payment

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Description Unit price Qty Amount
Purchase from Facebook FarmVille Games. $49.99 USD 1 $49.99 USD
Insurance: ----
Total: $49.99USD
Receipt No: 0390-2620-3303-5447
Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You'll need it if you contact customer service at Facebook Farmville Games or  PayPal.
Invoice ID:5156182

Message sent to: (MY EMAIL ADDRESS)
Message sent from: Notification Via PayPal., 16 CLAREMONT ROAD, HADLEY WOOD, Hertfordshire - GB EN4 0HP
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Very cleverly worded... to make it "appear" to be a genuine email.. and also a veiled threat, with "if you beleive this to be .................................... click here..... "  to make unsuspecting people think that they are going to paypal to correct the error...

1 not addressed to me...
2.. I don`t play games
3.. I don`t have facebook
4.  i know I haven`t bought anything in US$
5. Why would it appear on my credit card statement if it was being charged to paypal  ?    presumably, because the link asks for your credit card details....  (  hee hee  gotcha ! ! .. )
I have forwarded the entire message , including headers, to .... 

Just thought I would let you all know about it, and pass on to relatives who may also receive similar .... 

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Re: spoof/phishing email..... alert

Dear Costumer,

is a bit of a give away as well.
I "see" (not really as gmail filters them for me) loads of these every week, along with "scanned" documents, invoices, and even one from the UN!  Cheesy
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Re: spoof/phishing email..... alert

Thanks Shutter. It seems that hardly a day goes by without an attempt like this coming into our inboxes.
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Re: spoof/phishing email..... alert

I am consistently getting spam mails with sent from addresses from people I know, that look utterly genuine until opened. Usually people from my bowls club.
I don't think I am the source, as in circular emails to all members (in excess of 60) I always send them .Bcc. But I can't be sure (and am not) that other members are as careful.
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Re: spoof/phishing email..... alert

I can see the headlines now "Bowls club raided as master hackers identified..."
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