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returning old router

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returning old router

Hi there, just trying to find out if there's a way to recycle old routers? We were sent a new one a few months ago when it was thought there was a problem but turned out it was due to something else, so the original one should still work although may be out of date. We also have another old one. Do Plusnet take them back or is there another way to dispose of them? Thanks.

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Re: returning old router

@Josie369   Ebay is hardly worth the effort.... you have to PAY EBAY to sell it... and then you have the hassle of packing it up. and posting it.... take it to your local "tip" aka Household Recycling Depot.... they have an area for disposing of electrical/electronic items

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Re: returning old router

When Plusnet send replacements, they do sometimes send a returns bag with it.

This would have been a postage paid bag. You could try ringing them to see if they will send you a returns bag.


If they don't want to send you a bag, then Plusnet will take your old routersas part of the WEEE Legislation.

At your cost, the address is:

WEEE Take Back Scheme
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU

Feel free to read this first -


Should you wish to take them to your local recycling centre, please factory reset the routers first as you account username will be retained on the router.

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Re: returning old router

It's always useful to have a spare in case a problem occurs and you are asked to try another router.

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Re: returning old router

@shutter wrote:

@Josie369   Ebay is hardly worth the effort.... you have to PAY EBAY to sell it...

IF you're a business yes. If you're a private individual (not that you could be a public individual lol) then you get a few free auctions a month. It was 20 freebies but i think it went up recently.

They do take a slice of the sale but you don't have to "pay" them first. The commission does kinda kill it a bit though on small items. I was selling stuff last year and once i'd sold my £1.50 items for £14, paid ebay, paid the postie another fiver and burned petrol it hardly seemed worth bothering. Yes I'd get my money back and a couple of quid but it was a bit of a faff.

The more expensive items were like gold dust. I made £25 clear profit on a couple of items

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