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nanny state ? - this time I agree with it

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nanny state ? - this time I agree with it
According to The Peak's website, skaters attending the rink during "skate for all sessions" must not speed or figure skate, jump or spin, skate in chains of more than two people and must skate anti clockwise.
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Re: nanny state ? - this time I agree with it

The question to ask is, "Why do the figure skaters think it's over the top?" Is it because at some of the public sessions there are very few public? If this is the case should discretion be applied and not enforce blanket rules?
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Re: nanny state ? - this time I agree with it

in my limited experience of ice rinks, the 'professionals'  were given rink time exclusively and allowed on the ice among the hoi polloi, which includes people who can hardly stand up on their skates.
public sessions necessarily cater for the least skilled skaters.  proficient skaters may think that they can easily avoid novices, but they reckon without the sheer incompetence and fear of some skaters that makes their moves unpredictable.
it can be unnerving when a bicycle whizzes past from behind on the footpath.  how much worse is it when you know you can't dodge?