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just had a weird thought !

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just had a weird thought !

Watching "Top Gear", just now, and it seems two army guys who have been "blown up" and lost legs etc., are training to enter the Dakar Rally.....
Whilst admiring their guts and determination, firstly for dealing with their loss, and coming to terms with all that entails in normal life, they seem to be "amazed" (for want of a better term) that they are actually doing rallying.....
My wierd thought?    ..... well, if they hadn`t been blown up.... would they still be doing the rallying ? I doubt it..... so it seems that you need to get yourself "blown up" before you can do some of these "amazing things" like rallying, or mountain climbing with no legs, or blind of whatever... 
If you don`t get blown up...... then you don`t do it  Undecided
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Re: just had a weird thought !

Same thing I thought when I saw it.
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