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is this "Virgin" on the Ridiculous

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is this "Virgin" on the Ridiculous

It seems that you cant say that Virgin are bad
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Re: is this "Virgin" on the Ridiculous

"Virgin Atlantic does not tolerate any criticism of its passengers or industry-leading safety standards and is taking this matter very seriously.

is mixing up two different issues.  one is that virgin will not tolerate criticism of its passengers.  the other is that it will not tolerate criticism of its safety standards.
well, tough titty.  anyone can criticise anyone else about anything at all, provided they can back it up and if there are those that have evidence suggesting that virgin's safety record is suspect, virgin needs to ask for the evidence, not come the heavy father.
as to the criticism of virgin's passengers, why should anyone want to?  their only connection to virgin is as consumers.
i'm not sure if this is the usual sloppy writing from reporters, or the pr weasel twisting word pretzels.