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is this an accident waiting to happen

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is this an accident waiting to happen

saw this in my local rag

Say hello to Bournemouth’s first tiger crossing which gives pedestrians and cyclists equal priority

and my first thought wasn't too polite so I looked them up

and that confirmed it - a cyclist bombs out onto the crossing without stopping and a car hits him or vice versa

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Re: is this an accident waiting to happen

Yeah I'd say so but don't bother trying to point it out, you'll be seen as a pest for it.

I worked for a council years ago who changed the way they did things, I protested and pointed out that a previous council employer of mine stopped doing this thing because it got them in trouble. I was told to shut it and that I was being stupid.

How I laughed when it got them into a massive hole some years later and ended up on every news program of the day! (including the national ones like itn!). My only regret is that I no longer worked there to see the bosses face.
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Re: is this an accident waiting to happen

How is this new? They do it anyway!
Including running red lights, going wrong way up one way streets etc, etc, etc.
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Re: is this an accident waiting to happen

I saw the tiger crossing part, and thought they'd created a path between a couple of zoos...

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Re: is this an accident waiting to happen

With the dozens of tiger statues dotted all around in recent years, Bournemouth seems to have some sort of tiger fixation.

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Re: is this an accident waiting to happen

so now we have a Pelican crossing and Cylican crossing Cheesy

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Re: is this an accident waiting to happen

Not sure I'd be confident of cars stopping to let me cross if I was on a bike or even trying to assume any rights or priority. Makes no sense to me and as @HairyMcbiker said, they'll do it anyway. 

I can just see it now. A car, a pedestrian, and a bike all involved in the same collision.

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