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how to stop the Windows/Linux argument

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how to stop the Windows/Linux argument

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Re: how to stop the Windows/Linux argument

@ Strat.... and other geeetar freeks...
This is from the "technology" tab on the same site Pierre just put up..
USB Guitar Link
USB Guitar Link - £49.95
Are you ready to rock?
Calling all guitarists! Now you can transform your PC or Mac into a sophisticated amp, effects deck and 16-track recording system with this USB gadget and accompanying software. Roadies? Who needs em?
Also this....... a bit further down

iAxe USB Guitar
iAxe USB Guitar - from £99.95
Plucking genius
Amps, stomp boxes and recording studios? You won't need any such malarkey with this amazing USB-friendly guitar as its accompanying software can do the lot - no roadies required.

and also  ............... right at the bottom of the Geeks  tab page

Pop-Up Pirate USB Hub
Pop-Up Pirate USB Hub - £24.95
Avast, all ye scurvy PC and Mac users!
Don’t get mad at pirates – get even with the swines by stabbing them in a barrel until they leap! This classic pop-up piracy game now works as a USB hub as well, so you can finally make ol’ Blackbeard work for you…  Shocked  Shocked

I`m off now !!!... Nuff said !!!    Cheesy
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Re: how to stop the Windows/Linux argument

Hmmm not sure my acoustic will plug into that  Roll eyes

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