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how many of us have odd body clocks (non 24 hours)

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how many of us have odd body clocks (non 24 hours)

I have this condition DSPD
My natural body clock is around 25 hours although sometimes I maintain close to 24 hour routines.
This means if I e.g. go bed at 4pm today and wakeup at midnight, I will go bed at 5pm tomorrow and wake up at 1am.
I now work from home and dont have to sleep at fixed hours, so most days I can have this routine, but if I need to sleep normal hours which I sometimes have to do and especially for multiple days in a row, usually the result is massive sleep deprivation as I will either have to go bed early and my body isnt ready to sleep, possibly falling asleep during the night but been woken up early or not getting any sleep at all and just rest my eyes.  Or go bed late, so staying up when my body wants to go bed (horrible experience), one would assume if I stay up for ages when body wants to sleep, when I finally do sleep I get good rest, but this isnt always the case as the body resists sleep outside of its bodyclock, so lets say my body wants me to sleep at 4pm, and I stay up till 10pm as I am visiting family, then what might happen is I have 3-4 hours of misery trying to stay awake but then suddenly at 10pm the tiredness goes away and then I Cannot sleep when I want to.
I do prefer to sleep either during mornings or the night, as I have noticed I tend to get better quality sleep then, especially in the summer when afternoons can get hot and the sunlight is too bright.  So if my body clock has me going bed in the afternoon I often try to stay up a bit longer to shift the time quicker to preferable hours.
Curious if anyone else has or thinks they have this condition? Apparently its not well diagnosed.
It is unknown how long I have had this condition, I only got diagnosed with it about 3 years ago.  But as a child I often struggled to sleep howver did manage to maintain normal sleeping patterns which I cannot do now, so I suspect the cause was that I used to work rotating day night shifts for a couple of years when I was in my early 20s.
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Re: how many of us have odd body clocks (non 24 hours)

I'm that way too (25 to 26 hours for me), but it's bundled in with Kleine Levin syndrome too, which really does muck up my sleeping (though thankfully it's eased off as I got older as it has been documented to do), but the out-of-sync thing is a problem for sure, especially when I want to do things the following day and wake up later than I did the previous day and miss what I was meant to do... Roll eyes