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emails delete upon return from Holiday ?

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emails delete upon return from Holiday ?

You know the feeling..
You've arrived back from Holiday, eventually you turn on your Computer, and you have received many, many emails whilst away...
Do you delete them all, or somehow filter out the "non essential" ones ?
I already have filters in place for Family, and other "essential" emails, so I do check those.

I would never post a "Whilst I am away" auto response for Personal emails... ie I'm away, come and rob me !!
Mostly I just delete any older than a day or so.

RSS feeds and other incoming, probably out of date after a spell away, so I just delete the lot.
Many get repeated anyway with updated relevant information.
and TBH, the same goes for Internet Forums, more than a day or two old, including Plusnet Forums !!

Do I sneak a peek whilst away..... sometimes in the early hours if awake !!

Business emails, I have a very good PA who deals with those.

What do you do, and roughly how many ?
RSS feeds, I have deleted 4,000+ after a fortnight away !
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Re: emails delete upon return from Holiday ?

To be honest i'm so addicted to the web that they never really get chance to build up  Cheesy
The few times they have built up (EG when i was in hospital last year and ended up with hundreds) I find that i end up going through them bit by bit over several days. It would be impossible to sort through them in half an hour so it's better just to keep them and work through them bit by bit.
I really need to do something with my yahoo mail.. it's getting a bit big now at over 20k emails and their new javascript powered interface cannot handle scrolling back that far.
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Re: emails delete upon return from Holiday ?

I don't have RSS feeds so no concerns there.
I don't get many emails on a daily basis anyway (maybe 40 or less) so management is a bit easier. But when I'm away I tend to log into Webmail occasionally and delete those I know I'd delete when back home.

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Re: emails delete upon return from Holiday ?

Quote from: Mav

I don't have RSS feeds so no concerns there.

Are you sure  ? ? ? ?  Cheesy Grin Grin
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Re: emails delete upon return from Holiday ?

Many moons ago in the pre-internet days I had a boss who'd get a lot of internal memos/letters from other parts of the civil service. He opened the mail as it arrived and placed any unimportant letters in a "pending" tray. After a month or so he'd take the bottom half of the pending pile and place it in a steel cabinet draw. At the end of three months he'd throw that pile away, reckoning that if a letter had been important someone would have followed up and he would have retrieved the original. He rose from the ranks to become the head of a major Civil Service Department.
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