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ebaguM - died today....

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ebaguM - died today....

Spell that another way Mugabe ..... reported death in Singapore... today...

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Re: ebaguM - died today....

About time too ... good riddance.

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Re: ebaguM - died today....

Who, or what, is going to replace him ?

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Re: ebaguM - died today....


Agreed but many people would have seen him as a hero if he had honest elections in the early years, what did for him was the action he took against white farmers by throwing them off their land, sanctions applied by major countries as a result of that resulted in hardship for his people, and any critics of his policies were dealt with harshly.....

Be interesting to see how those currently in charge get on...?

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Re: ebaguM - died today....

I'm amazed at some of the good press/comments he's been getting.

Perhaps if Hitler had lived on to an old age a few world leaders would have said something like his good intentions were just a bit misguided.

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Re: ebaguM - died today....

The first thing Mugabe did after being 'elected'  was he committed genocide in Matabele areas of Rhodesia ( south western area) to clear out any opposition - what Wilson needed to understand when for political expediency he sold out the Rhodesian people is that 'free and fair' elections do not work on the dark continent - the biggest tribe always wins and then proceeds to kill any opposition.  Mugabe reduced his country from the breadbasket of Africa ( all the farms grow now is weeds ) and one of the richest countries to a state of poverty and dictatorship in the course of a few decades.  The world would have been a better place if Mugabe had died 90 years ago,  he is in the same basket as Hitler as a force for evil.

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Re: ebaguM - died today....

Just more of the same, an early years freedom fighter that turned into a dictator but let's be fair, given the legacy of supression and hate he inherited it was no surprise was it.

Oh they'll make him out to be saint of some sort, they always do, but what a nasty piece of work he turned out to be and how the world licked his backside. Even we gave him leave to go trotting down the Mall alongside the Queen in that horse drawn coach.

Bury him deep but don't worry, there are plenty more despots just waiting to take their place on the world stage.