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credit problems no problem ( DO NOT use this company)

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credit problems no problem ( DO NOT use this company)
Do not use this company full stop.
They will try and take the £49 setup fee even if you cancel within 1hour of accepting the brokers loan fee.
A friend used them and told me about them to which i checked online for reviews and came across this lot to which i adviced they ring them back and cancel it.
All nice when they applyed by phone but on canceling it they had my friend in tears to which i rang on there behalf to spout that i knew all the cooling off period and OFT ect ect to ram in there heads they would have a fight they would lose if they tried to touch my friends bank account after they had canceled. To which i have never bein spoken to by a company before like that am fuming at how they spoke to me and this was ment to be the manger of the deptment. i have a very calm atitdude when dealing with companys but this agent made my blood boil with the things he said and the way they just hang up mid conversion. i am thinking of ringing them back so i can get a recording of there agents as the stuff said was that bad.
Please if you are thinking of using this company DONT. ive spoken to my friends bank on fruad line for nearly two hours to insure no money can be taken out and this company is one they have to deal with on a regular basis
DO NOT USE CREDIT PROBLEMS NO PROBLEMS . all that will happen is you will be £49 out of pocket
to the agents of this company.
if you do so read all the reviews on the net like you said and there is only 200 bad ones out of 150,000 customers a year than you can update your stats now and make that 201.
utter disgrace how you talk to your customers