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crane collapsed at Falmouth Docks

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crane collapsed at Falmouth Docks

looks like someone need to update the navy cranes

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Re: crane collapsed at Falmouth Docks

@rongtwThat raises 60 year old memories! I was an Ordnance Corps conscript and the Korean base in Malaya/Singapore was closing. We were on the docks assisting the loading of a ship.

The docks were using a prewar crane, that had been seized by the Japanese. It had no safety mechanism to limit travel along the bolts for lift, and the squaddie  was operating it with the jib behind him, so blind.

Crane came apart and fell on squaddies' kit and gifts! ouch!Cry

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Re: crane collapsed at Falmouth Docks

That would have been one heck of an insurance claim had it fallen on the ship! 

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Re: crane collapsed at Falmouth Docks

Must be the season for it. It's only been a few days since the Dubai crane collapse.

BBC crane collapse video


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Re: crane collapsed at Falmouth Docks

Now that's a big "Whoops"... Funny