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any one want a speed camera?

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any one want a speed camera?
A resident in the Nottinghamshire Village of Ompton has installed a fake speed camera on private land in an attempt to curb the speed of traffic in the 40mph limit.
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Re: any one want a speed camera?

Good for them and it's a shame it's been publicised as it may be less effective.
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Re: any one want a speed camera?

I think thats the best looking fake camera I've seen. Very good replica isn't it. They would of done better having a truvelo made though as they can be faced around in both directions rather than a Gatso which can only do the side of the road its on.
For a moment when I saw the title of the thread I thought you were going to show us something like this!:

(Image from
I found this on the site too:
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