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another cyber attack !

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another cyber attack !

breaking news !

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Re: another cyber attack !

Must be a slow news day!

It's hardly Breaking news.

Cyber attacks happen all the time and the fact that it's a government department affected is hardly surprising...
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Re: another cyber attack !

I heard it as a 'spider' attack - that would be news to an Arachnophobia

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Re: another cyber attack !

apparently only about 90 accounts were affected

The spokesman said the parliamentary network was compromised due to "weak passwords" which did not conform to guidance from the Parliamentary Digital Service.

They added: "As they are identified, the individuals whose accounts have been compromised have been contacted and investigations to determine whether any data has been lost are under way."

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Re: another cyber attack !

Yet another PEBKAC situation rather than IT situation. Anyone remember Gary McKinnon. He managed to break into the US military and NASA with a simple script knocking on Windows machines looking for ones that didn't even have a password on them. He went undiscovered in their systems for over a year and only got caught when he forgot about timezone differences. Then suddenly the US are claiming he broke X amount of systems, causing Y amount of damage, which just so happened to be the minimum required to try and force an extradition.

Someone that spends months in your systems undetected isn't breaking a God damn thing America. Doing so would have brought him to the Americans attention far sooner. Rather they wanted to get him in front of a US court and make an example of him because of their woefully embarrassing security.

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Re: another cyber attack !

I wonder how many judges understand enough about computers and the internet to understand all the evidence laid before them.