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and they say " Crime doesn`t pay"

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and they say " Crime doesn`t pay"

Read this report from our local newspaper...


Check out what these scumbags made from their illegal dealings .... and check out what the court ordered them to pay back..


OK.. so they also got jail sentences... but they will probably serve only half of what was handed down.. and be back on the street, dealing misery to the poor suckers, and making more money than the judge      ....




(laughing all the way to the bank, comes to mind.....  ) ( ok so they won`t be using a bank...... but you get my drift )...


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Re: and they say " Crime doesn`t pay"

How times change eh. Once, the British were the world's biggest opium suppliers - in fact we were still shipping it out of India right up to the 1920s. I guess drugs are not illegal until we say they. 


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