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a bit of Car Phone Warehouse disappearing

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a bit of Car Phone Warehouse disappearing
Carphone Warehouse to close all 11 Best Buy shops
The UK joint venture has failed to make a profit

Carphone Warehouse is to close all of its 11 Best Buy stores across the UK, the company has announced.
The move puts 1,100 jobs at risk at the outlets, which sell electronic goods, but the firm said it hoped to find the "large majority" alternative work.

the store near me, is on an adjacent retail park the other side of a main dual carriageway to the Thurrock Lakeside super site, I  didnt even know that the retail park  was there
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Re: a bit of Car Phone Warehouse disappearing

I feel sorry for the employees, but I'd never do business with a company given direction from the executives of Car Phone Warehouse. They unapologetically ran a "cheque refund" scheme designed to avoid payback to the public. I was caught by that scheme to the tune of £50, but it has cost them a lot more than they gained from me.
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Re: a bit of Car Phone Warehouse disappearing

This is a shame, we really could do with another large nationwide electrical and electronics retailer to compete with the Currys/Dixons empire. (Not that I would trust Carphone Warehouse much more than Currys/Dixons.)
I'm surprised that Best Buy and CW have given up so easily though, did they really expect to make a profit in their first year, and during a time of tight finances too.
Oh well, I'll have to carry on hoping that the fantastic German company Mediamarkt has some plans to expand outside the euro-zone and come to Britain with their big electronic superstores. Some of their shops in Europe are two or three times the size of the Best Buy places, and they stock a bigger range of products than any shop I've been to in this country.
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Re: a bit of Car Phone Warehouse disappearing

Sorry, but when I need my bike and a road map to get round a store, I don't want to know. I left off going to our local Tesco Superstore for this reason and the fact that Morrisons opened a store slightly nearer just afterwards.