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Your Help is Needed to Plan Out The New NHS's Civil Society Assembly

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Your Help is Needed to Plan Out The New NHS's Civil Society Assembly

Hi All
I have just reseved this e-mail from 38 Degrees:
I've been invited to a slightly unusual meeting next Monday - and I need your help to plan what to say. NHS England want us to help design their new Civil Society Assembly. It aims to give patients and the public a voice within the NHS.
38 Degrees brings together over 1 million of us - too many to fit in one meeting room. So there's only enough space for me and another 38 Degrees member. Please can you fill in a short survey telling us what to say to make sure all our views are represented.
We've only got a few days until the meeting on Monday. Please fill in this quick survey by Friday so we've got a chance to prepare for the meeting:
We’ve been invited to this meeting because we’re a powerful voice on the NHS and the government knows they need to find out what we think. [1]
The plan is for the Civil Society Assembly to make sure patients and the public have a voice in the NHS and how it works. I don’t think it will be perfect, but it’s bound to be better if we’re involved. Especially as we pushed to be able to hold decision makers to account. [2]
This meeting is a funny one. It’s not the kind of thing 38 Degrees normally goes to - but on this occasion it seems we’ve got a good chance to have a key role in shaping the direction of the assembly.
The more of us that fill in this survey, the more weight our words will carry. Please take the 2-minute survey now:
Thanks so much for your help,

PS: I’m a new campaigns director at 38 Degrees and I’ll be working hard to make sure 38 Degrees members’ views have real impact on the future of the NHS.
PPS: I’ll make sure to feedback to everyone who takes part on how the meeting goes.
[1] Some of our recent campaigning on the NHS from the 38 Degrees blog:
NHS: Victory!
Lewisham Hospital Fundraising Success!
[2]How NHS England are touting the day:
“This is about the future of the NHS.” (Ciarán Devane)
“We are engaged in a truly ground breaking enquiry about how health and social care must change. This is about holding a mirror up to NHS England and telling it the truth. It stands and falls on the degree to which we connect with the most marginalised people in society and engage them in a direct relationship with NHS England.” (Lord Victor Adebowale)

Please take 2 or 3 minutes to  fill out the survey