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You just have to laugh

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You just have to laugh

Been looking for some usb powered speakers, found this set on ebay:

These Laptop or PC speakers are perfect for every home and office.

Retail packaged

2 way USB speakers

USB powered

Built in volume control

Ideal for laptops/pc/computers/television

On/Off button

600w peak

Includes headphone jack




High quality


Now HOW do you get 600W from a USB connection (5v @ 0.5A = 2.5W) I thought these kind of adverts went with Amstrad, the like of "Peak Music Power of 1000W" from this 3W speaker.


I am looking for a set of usb powered ones to convert to an Internet music player with a pi zeroW and a  dac then feed it from a 1A psu and all should be good. But ease of opening the case is the failing point, most seem to be sealed not screwed these days.

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Re: You just have to laugh

Probably got a DC input jack that they forgot to mention in the features

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Re: You just have to laugh

Well spotted.

I run mine into an el cheapo soundbar that I was given. Good enough to listen to music when tapping away and it sits neatly behind under the shelf. The one described would I assume have to have an integral amp of some sort - which at that price I very much doubt.

Noted the 'also viewed' mini soundbar with a more realistic 2w output. 

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Re: You just have to laugh

Something like this (@ 38p delivered)  a 3W amp is probably inside, got a couple of them to try out, but thought a premade speaker would be easier to build.