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You don't want to join the FBI !

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You don't want to join the FBI !

In our youth, didn't we all want to join the FBI ?
Nowadays it bears a different meaning, and one we don't want to join....
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Re: You don't want to join the FBI !

Stress is a big problem these days and unfortunately most of us don't recognise it as so. I've had problems with it during my life and it isn't nice. I didn't until recently however realise that it can have physical effects too. I started getting very strange sensations on the side of my head similar to pins and needles sometimes then it would feel heavy, other days like jelly... very odd. Went to see the doctor who then diagnosed it as something I can't even spell or pronounce but is nicknamed the suicide disease. He diagnosed that it was being brought on by all the stress in my life which doesn't make you feel any better and in fact makes you feel even more stressed by the very thought of it.
Luckily thats the only symptom I've had.. the other medical problems I have are contributing towards the stress instead of being caused by it.
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