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You are entering a Grown-ups Zone....

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You are entering a Grown-ups Zone....

What a brilliant idea.... and despite the owner of the cafe, it seems many agree with me


We used to take our great granddaughter to cafe`s when she was between the ages of 2 and 5,... and she was the model of good behaviour.... and I`m not just saying that...... It`s really annoying when you go to somewhere, and other people seem to enjoy the chaos caused by their unruly kids... even to the point of looking proud and pleased, that they are causing others to feel uncomfortable.

I do hope more places take the hint...  


After all,... there is a "hotel consortium" that advertises regularly on telly,  their hotel stays for "grown ups only "   so .... why not  cafe`s and the like  ?


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Re: You are entering a Grown-ups Zone....

I used to enjoy sitting in my local library reading the paper in the quiet.

Gave that up years ago after they put in a row of PC's which only seemed to get used by noisy kids playing games and a tots play area for screaming babies.

Not long after local libraries started closing down apparently due to lack of use by adults. Something which the council had probably planned all along.

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Re: You are entering a Grown-ups Zone....

All children play up at times and as long as the parents are trying to sooth them and teach them how they should behave in the environment they are in then I don't have a problem but I do get irritated by parents who allow their offspring to use eating areas as a play ground letting them run around and as tho' they have every right to do so with consideration for others.

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Re: You are entering a Grown-ups Zone....

I remember visiting an 'all you can eat' restaurant chain where kids were running around having become bored with all the food available.

There were people all over the place walking to their tables with plates of hot food and drinks, a perfect situation for a bad accident.

One young child ran into the corner of a table and needed stitches in hospital.

The management were strongly criticised by the parents for having an unsafe environment....go figure.

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Re: You are entering a Grown-ups Zone....

@Strat More like kids with unsafe parents.Crazy