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Yorkshire takes over from Norfolk

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Yorkshire takes over from Norfolk

In years gone bye there was a saying "Normal For Norfolk"
Meaning us Norfolk people were slow and had a piece of straw sticking out of our mouths.
We said things like "R Boy" and Bootiful.
Well we may soon be saying "Normal For Yorkshire"
Plusnet does say it comes from Yorkshire.
Since I came over from B.T. a month ago I have had nothing but poor service, unhelpfull staff, slow broadband speed, and now the accounts department have got my bill in a right mess up.
I have to allow a Direct Debit to go through my bank account , that the Plusnet staff admit is wrong so then they will refund it back to me again.
Also I came to Plusnet because of six months free broadband offer, the accounts department seems to want to forget about that after only one month.
I have watched Last of the Summer Wine for a long time on the television.
Now I know where Barry,  Billie, Foggy, Wally, Wesley, Howard, Eli, Aunty Wainwright, AND Seymour  when to.
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Re: Yorkshire takes over from Norfolk

The other thing about Norfolk, is that it`s not in "Silly Suffolk"...  Cheesy