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Yay ! 16K

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Yay ! 16K

Wow!... I cannot beleive I have made 16,000 posts on this forum, since nov 2007    !


That`s an average of 1,600 per year  ! ! ..

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Re: Yay ! 16K

I seem to remember that post counts from the pre -SMF period were carried over? 

But well done on reaching 16,000.

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Re: Yay ! 16K

Well done. It was quite obvious a while ago you were trying to get there. You have been one of the most prolific posters in recent weeks.

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Re: Yay ! 16K

And 627 thanks so double well done! Thumbs Up


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Re: Yay ! 16K

Congrats @shutter!

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Re: Yay ! 16K


images.jpg That's more posts than the average bear Boo Boo.

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Re: Yay ! 16K









Congratulations fella..

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