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Xylella Fastidiosa.

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Xylella Fastidiosa.

As if the EU hasn’t enough problems to deal with a present, Xylella Fastidiosa could cost them up to 20 billion euros.

One problem after another.....

We are born into history and history is born into us.
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Re: Xylella Fastidiosa.

Not to worry. There's always Australian wine and olive oil to fall back on. 

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Re: Xylella Fastidiosa.

Don`t forget......


Yorkshire Tea Tongue



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Re: Xylella Fastidiosa.


This is like SARS-Cov-2 ( Covid -19 ) for plants - but it is all part of the same problem of shipping

stuff all around the world in short time periods - humans really have got to learn that they cannot

have everything all the time and settle back into a slower more thoughtful way of life,  otherwise

it will not be climate change that will see us off as the planets most dangerous parasite,  it will

be other parasites - nature is just getting its own back on us for disrespecting and trashing it.