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Wriggly Rice ... Bins

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Wriggly Rice ... Bins

No it's not rice from the takeaway you put into your bin unbagged.




We only put items bagged up into general waste wheelie bins, rarely food.

We double bag food items.


Recycled food containers thoroughly washed.


We've never had a Wriggly Rice problem.


I do like the tip of allowing birds access if there is a problem


And if you have space, freezing leftover food until bin day.


The bins get a good jetwash frequently.


We never seem to see many flies either.

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Re: Wriggly Rice ... Bins

Reminds me. I need to jet wash mine after a kind neighbour dumped a stack of rotting meet in my bin. Any tips on cleaning it out?


Last time I made a fair mess....

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Re: Wriggly Rice ... Bins

Put loads of bleach in the bin.

Wheel it away from home

Tip out contents some where safe.


Jetwash avoiding spray back.

Also do with bin on front side.

Tip out using gloves and axle.

Leave upturned with lid wedging open for ventilation.


We always spray undiluted Bleach into bins after emptying, after every use.

And add bleach every few days during hot weather.

Keeping bins away from house.