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Witnessed: the ruinination of a great song...

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Witnessed: the ruinination of a great song...

Pixie Lott murdering Moon River on the National Lottery Show Cry
Experience; is something you gain, just after you needed it most.

When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you. But because in that brief moment while the coin is in the air. You suddenly know what you are hoping for.
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Re: Witnessed: the ruinination of a great song...

Oh dear!! I didn't see her as I was out but am sorry to hear your comments as we were planning to go and see Breakfast at Tiffany's when it opens in the West End. I was a little concerned when I heard she had been cast as Holly Golightly and you seem to confirm my worries Sad Sad  With tickets at £70+ I think we will wait for the reviews.
It opens in Southampton late April before arriving in the West End in June. Hopefully they may recast the part by then.