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Witness Intimidation. Or not?

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Witness Intimidation. Or not?

Was listening to Radio 4 at lunchtime today, when they were talking about this change in the law to allow "non indentifiable witness evidence" in cases....
The interviewer was talking to some legal expert and asked about "witness intimidation". his response was typical..... "Well, I don`t think witness intimidation is any worse now than it was 10 ,15, or 20 years ago"....    (maybe not, but the intimidation is just as bad to the witness)
Later in the piece, the interviewer mentioned that "anonymous" evidence was not allowed in the Scottish Legal System. and asked another Scottish legal expert, how this worked. vis a vis the intimidation....
We do not think there is much intimidation of witnesses preventing them from coming to court to give evidence.
Why is that?
Well, if a witness fails to turn up in court, we inform the police, who issue a warrant for arrest.
or if a witness fails to testify, then he is likely to be prosecuted for "contempt of court" and face a possible jail sentence....

Now..... the question in my mind was this.....

If I am being prosecuted for rape/murder/gbh/ etc., (I must be a bit of a nasty type bloke) and I know someone saw me do the crime.  I nip round to his house, and put a note through his letter box, saying " keep your mouth shut, or next thing is a petrol bomb"
That is "intimidation"
the legal system does it a bit more subtle !
Don`t turn up.... arrest.... prosecution.... possible jail

Who is guilty of "intimidation" ? ? ? ? ? ? Undecided Roll_eyes
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Re: Witness Intimidation. Or not?

Kneecapping is probably a more realistic threat these days - who can afford the petrol for the Molotov?
Its a good question nonetheless.
Perhaps this is why people never witness anything any more.