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Wishes do come true!

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Wishes do come true!

OK they don’t really, I just needed a title that was sort of related to the post. So while on the subject of wishes I have finally bought the Brother Document scanner I’ve had on my Amazon wish list for ages, I’m tired of keeping reams of papers that are never really going to be used again but are kept, just-in-case. So I can now scan and shred the paperwork as it arrives, well that's the theory as I’ve not installed it yet, that’s a job for the weekend.

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Re: Wishes do come true!

Don`t forget to print off back up copies, in case your computer does a wobbly, you can keep them safe in the garage ! .

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Re: Wishes do come true!

In an odd way I rather like that Amazon wish list. It's a smart marketing move by them, but it's also a neat place to keep a 'must have' list of stuff I want but cannot really afford yet.Smiley


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Re: Wishes do come true!

I pop small value items in there that I don't specifically need but would like to own.

Then if I have a larger purchase that isn't of sufficient value to qualify for free postage I can add one or more of the small items in my wish list to the order.

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Re: Wishes do come true!

For several years I've had a Panasonic KV-S1025C which is a professional grade scanner which simultaneously scans both sides of A4 from a hopper. It's been very reliable and is used most days to scan my incoming/outgoing documents into Adobe Acrobat (pdf) on my PC. The documents are held in specific directories for subsequent retrieval. They are backed up automatically, on the fly, using Sugarsync cloud storage which then places a copy on a separate archive PC at my DR site (one of the holiday homes). The Adobe Acrobat on my PC does automatic OCR recognition as the document is scanned and makes the documents available for automatic indexing.

The only real con is that MS Windows 11 file indexing tends to ignore them, so periodically I use the Adobe Acrobat batch index feature to make the directories searchable.

I used to use a document archive system called PaperMaster which worked well, but had a proprietary file format which is not easy to search outside of the package. PaperMaster was taken over by a eFax who promptly stopped support. 

With the pdf documents stored in the "cloud", it means I can access them easily and securely when I'm working away from home.


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