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Winter already?

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Re: Winter already?

(Apologies for more OT. Embarrassed)

@Strat: It's obviously different on the west coast.  You should try one of these places:

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Re: Winter already?

OK... so we can generally say, summer time... reasonably good weather.... winter time... possibly bad weather... however..


The Met Office... have a £100 million  super computer that can predict the winter 12 months in advance...


Good news ?


Bad news.... it is probably only 62% accurate...


Think I`ll stick with my sea weed hanging outside the back door... get at least 50% correct Cheesy

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Re: Winter already?

From that link, Daily Fail sez:


British winters are notoriously unpredictable


And yet, still claim they know when winter will happen and it'll be the worst on record..............