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Wind up

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Wind up

Have you ever been told something that you thought was a wind up or joke but in fact turned out to be true ?

One recent example for me was someone claiming that the quickest and easiest way to get the shell off a boiled egg was to let it cool, place it in a jar half filled with cold water, put lid on shake jar for 10 seconds and ......job done, soundedlike a wind up to me works !


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Re: Wind up

Yeah i've had similar..

Car park technician once told me that pay and display ticket machines had cellular connections in them so that they can upload data to the parking office. Initially I believed it though it didn't really make a lot of sense as to why seeing as it just prints on tickets and takes money..This was further confirmed as a hoax by someone i knew who worked in parking.

Turned out to be true didn't it. Local authority apparently grabs data from all their P&D machines overnight and can then verify customers who get a PCN for an upside down ticket etc Roll_eyes

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Re: Wind up

My wife told me i was good looking.... turned out to be true Wink

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Re: Wind up

Yeah when I worked at the parking deparement at a local council being a student, if someone challenged a ticket and said the machine was faulty, we would keep a log. If they were trying to lie, we would tell them No, but if it tallied to a fault then it would be cancelled.

Reminds me of a time when I went to a PAYG machine, was taking the money not issuing tickets.

So I must have been there a couple of hours, was watching people paying and getting nothing out of the machine. People were (naturally) concerened and could tell I was a coucil employee as I was driving a council van.

In the end all I did was to change the thermal ticket roll, and watch if it had worked. It did (another hour). The other one must have been bad.

I had to reassure people they won’t be fined and I’ll tell HQ when I get back there was a fault.
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Re: Wind up

People will say any thing at fairgrounds.

@St3 wrote:

My wife told me i was good looking.... turned out to be true Wink


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