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Win 7 PC + 1 year's Broadband

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Win 7 PC + 1 year's Broadband

The UK government offers Win 7 PC with a year's BB for £160.
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Re: Win 7 PC + 1 year's Broadband

Rip off. Even at £99 for those on benefits and charities you can still beat that and get a brand new computer at less than that (including KB, widescreen monitor, mouse etc) all brand new in a sealed box from a major retailer (Admittedly it doesn't happen often but it does happen).
If a major retailer can afford to do it at that price then how can the government only afford to provide refurbished machines with less spec than mine? They're not really helping anyone. I suspect that a government MP somewhere has a friend who runs a IT refurb business and wants to make some money.
For £160 these days you can buy a brand new netbook too so what is the point buying a refurbed lower spec machine?
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