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Width of vehicles

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Width of vehicles

The maximum permitted width of vehicles on uk roads is 8ft 4in but the number of times large vehicles have crossed over the centre white line when approaching me makes me wonder if the road is not wide enough to take such vehicles or the driver is not paying attention.
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Re: Width of vehicles

On my way to work moons ago i used to have to frequently drive along a narrow stretch of an A road. The road itself was on an embankment so one side had a large drope on it. The number of times a lorry would come the other way over the white line and leave a dangerously small space... well it was unacceptable really. I nearly went off the road and down the embankment twice. The road has had nothing done to it since either - it's only a matter of time.
That road used to seriously scare me.. if it wasn't that stretch it was the numerous deep potholes that would threaten an accident. Oh and on one stretch you could (and sometimes still can) smell gas leaking up through the tarmac!!!
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