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Wi-Fi Password Changing

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Wi-Fi Password Changing

Why do Plusnet make it so difficult to change the router wi-fi password?  I was with TalkTalk before changing to Plusnet, and it was really simple to change passwords. I went on holiday and left a key with my neighbour so that they could feed my cat, and I'm sure they are using my router signal to stream movies or music. I'm getting billed for streaming which is something I NEVER DO. I've been trying for 2 weeks to change the password, but all links lead back to the same page which offers no information whatsoever as to how to change the wi-fi password. I'm not going to keep paying for someone elses entertainment, and unless Plusnet simplify their system, then I'm afraid I'll be changing suppliers.

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Re: Wi-Fi Password Changing

Hello @Allan2Ls, welcome to the forums.

What router do you have please?


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Re: Wi-Fi Password Changing

why not change to an unlimited tariff then you won't care

if you are on one of the old limited tariffs then you must be on a really old router - so as asked above which one is it

If it is a 582n router this explains

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Re: Wi-Fi Password Changing

or buy a 3rd party router that lets you change the password....

just because your paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you