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Who was TVs original Mr Nasty?

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Who was TVs original Mr Nasty?

We've seen them on Prancing on Ice, X-Wacker, Britains Lost Talent (to Bulgaria), PopStar(less) etc.
The first one who would spring to many peoples minds is Simon Cowell but for me the most memorable and best Mr Nasty on TV (who taught all of his successors how to do it properly) was this guy:
Itis of course, Wolf from Gladiators:

From threatening the audience to contenders and even the Referee John Anderson himself:

We all knew Wolf for his temper yet he was truly one of the best Gladiators to exist and in true dedicated form he saw the show through to the end unlike some of them!
As for the hardest man on TV, that would have to be John Anderson the referee himself - quite soft at the start of the show in the 90s but he soon fitted in and became just as great as the gladiators themselves - especially when going up against Wolf!:

So.. do you have an earlier "Mr Nasty" off the TV who could contend against Wolf?  Cheesy
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Re: Who was TVs original Mr Nasty?