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Who's really in charge?

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Who's really in charge?

This has been nagging me for some while now.. so thought i'd start a topic about it.

So there's you, your family.. your local authorities police, council etc), your county council, then the government... ultimately the queen.

But wait.. Is the government really in charge? - they only last until they're voted out... and even then the media have their way of taking charge by deciding which party to run into the ground and which to support. Then the media also likes sinking it's teeth into the royals and embarassing them at every chance too.

OR should we say the good ol US of A is in charge? - They seem to have contracts with us for everything.. F35s, intelligence, data processing.. and our british MPs love it because americans are great aren't they?

But then there's Putin.. who seems to be in charge of america. Only he's not really in charge cos america has the nukes and the crazy unpredictability to randomly go to war with any country that causes annoyance. But hang on.. the ruskys also have nukes.. only they invade countrys (Crimea for example) without a single shot being fired and that scares the willies out of the wild west.

But hang about.. cos just lately, China seems to have it's fingers in a lot of pies too. Now the queen is being removed as head of state in Barbados while it's leaders also seem to have sunk it's teeth into every other country including Russia, heck they've certainly got their teeth into us and we're kinda USA property except the chinese built a massive port over here so technically now own part of the UK.

But hang about.. cos that fat fella from North Korea is incredibly chummy with the chinese. So much so in fact that he has his own private railway route direct into the country so he can meet the chinese leaders and have his say too.

But as if that wasn't enough.. South Korea seems to be the one keeping the region on it's toes - with full support from our pals the USA.

Oh.. hang about.. I forgot.. cos they ain't the only country the USA is propping up.. there's also Israel too... and they claim to have the most lethal special forces in the world operating in every country..

But then Iran, Iraz, the UAE all control the oil and can starve us completely quite easily. Only that won't happen cos America will raise it's flag over their lands after inventing a reason to go and drop bombs.. but only if Russia doesn't block it.. if China doesn't interject first and decide to overrule Putin in private... but China might end up trying to passify Mr Trumps twitter outbursts which are ultimately promoted and controlled by the media... who are ultimately controlled by YOU.

So.. who's really in charge of who and what? - Cos i can't flaming work it out!

and that's before i think of France, Germany, Italy, Brussells...

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Re: Who's really in charge?

Well there are people who want to be in charge...but once they get the opportunity they set themselves up against everybody else who wants to be in charge...

How many world leaders are actually popular ?

Once you become the leader everyone takes a pop at you, nothing is off limits, personal issues, financial issues, and if nothing is found then the press or others just make it up...

So who is in charge, well nobody really as those in charge are under constant criticism and often give in to suggestions or ideas they do not really believe it...

I mean who would really want to be in charge.....certainly not me.

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Re: Who's really in charge?

In my experience at all levels in society there is someone who wants to be in charge, so they are given the job as the person in charge takes all the flack. However in the shadows behind the person in charge are cleverer minds who are able to manipulate the poor mug in charge to follow their agenda. So indeed, who is in charge? Probably not the person with the job title.

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Re: Who's really in charge?

and if you listen to our press and they way they cover the US news, politics, storms, fires, and policing it would be quite easy to believe we are the 53 state.

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Re: Who's really in charge?

Who's really in charge? Whoever is organising the Universe is really in charge. We don't even count in the grand scheme of things. Millions of years ago the dinosaurs thought they were the biz and no doubt had their pecking order like we do. Along comes a relatively small piece of rock and zap, no more.


Trump, Putin, Xi etc are just fleeting moments in time. A few years down the line and people will have trouble remembering who, what they were. After all, without looking it up who was the PM in the UK in 1962? And who followed?  And that's only 60 years ago.


Like the universe, no one is in charge. The world drives us! But the big question is where did the universe come from and what's outside. 😀

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Re: Who's really in charge?


Who was PM in '62?

Easy peasy as he was the first one I was ever aware of, unlike the previous three in my time.

Somebody mentioned to me the other day that they were feeling old as they could now remember seven prime ministers. I did not tell them how many I had lived through! 

How about the least remembered? Well that to my mind has to be Alex Douglas-Hume, a waste of space and a waste of memory.   

As for who is in charge, well nobody really as administrations like your universe are perpetual motion and seemingly with a life all of their own.  Boris is as said of himself by Harold Wilson, just the driver behind the wheel of a car trying to keep control as it goes down hill under it's own steam. 

Now it you want to know who runs the world... 🤔

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Re: Who's really in charge?

Money, that is who is in charge. And the more you have,  the more control you have.


You're welcome Smiley

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Re: Who's really in charge?

Not quite true as the Mrs is in control of the money in our house and....

Oh, hang one.   😄


I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
Thomas A. Edison