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Who likes living in a CLOUD?

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Who likes living in a CLOUD?
Thousands of Gmail accounts accidentally wiped
28 February 2011 Last updated at 16:21
Thousands of Gmail users have been left with empty inboxes after their accounts were accidentally wiped clean.
As well as missing e-mails, many reported that their contacts had also disappeared.

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Re: Who likes living in a CLOUD?

With my luck these days I'm surprised it hasn't had me! I just logged into mine and all was well.. mind you I don't use gm as my main account which is with another large american based provider.. also error prone.
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Re: Who likes living in a CLOUD?

However, unlike some email providers, the email will be restored.
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Re: Who likes living in a CLOUD?

Yes, for the 0.02%  of Gmail users affected Gmail Blogspot reports that all will be restored sooner than later.
As for Plusnet email, I would not trust it to store important messages. Also it seems that the fuller the mailbox is, the slower Squirrelmail becomes.
BTW I do hope that the engineer did not lose his job - mistakes are part of the human condition and he/she will never make the mistake again.