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Who has this kind of luck?

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Who has this kind of luck?

I only ever bought one piano and all I found in it was an empty beer bottle and a screwed up wartime identity card!

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Re: Who has this kind of luck?

Not me, and not the person that has lost this. Smiley

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
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Re: Who has this kind of luck?

You were lucky, all I found was an empty Woodbine packet. Sad

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who somebody else is today
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Re: Who has this kind of luck?

In 2000 my washing machine repair man found these in a Milton Keynes field..., a lovely guy and blind in one eye but nothing was ever too much trouble. RIP Mike you're sadly missed. Sad






The Milton Keynes Hoard is a hoard of Bronze Age gold found in September 2000 in a field near Monkston, Milton Keynes, England. The hoard consisted of two torcs, three bracelets, and a fragment of bronze rod contained in a pottery vessel. The inclusion of pottery in the find enabled it to be dated to around 1150–800 BC.

Weighing in at 2.020 kg (4.45 lb), the hoard was described by the British Museum as "one of the biggest concentrations of Bronze Age gold known from Great Britain".[1] The find was deemed[who?] important for providing a "social and economic picture" for the period. The hoard was valued at £290,000 and now resides at the British Museum.