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White Horses

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White Horses

White Horses.jpg



On white horses let me ride away
To my world of dreams so far away
Let me run - to the sun
To a world my heart can understand
It's a gentle, warm and wonderland
Far away, stars away

Where the clouds are made of candyfloss
As the day's born
When the stars are gone
We'll race to meet the dawn

So when I can only see the grey
Of a sad and very lonely day
That's when I softly sigh
On white horses, snowy white horses
Let me ride away

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Re: White Horses

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Re: White Horses

That reminded me of the time I was up one of those many New Forest ladder platforms.

I'd just climbed up, not that much to see, but a small herd of deer came dashing along and all stopped at the towers base 15-20 feet below for several minutes. The leader was a fine white stag. Not seen many of those.