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Where will they go ?

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Where will they go ?

With the maximum level of benefits being reduced combined with the number of landlords evicting tenants either due to rent arrears or wanting vacant possession so the property can be sold where will all these people go ?

A few might have relatives but many will not and with long waiting lists for council accommodation there is little councils can offer, some temporary accommodation might be offered but many councils are deep in debt so what is on offer is likely to be hardly suitable.

In the North West alone 12,000 people will have their benefits reduced.

What if any, are your views on this ?

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Re: Where will they go ?

Blame Maggie.... (I think it was her).. for giving council tennants a "right to buy" ... without provisioning for more council houses to be built to replace those taken from the councils...


Not saying that it is wrong for council tennants to be able to buy their home at a discount after paying rent for so many years.. ( they have "almost" bought it... or probably, at least, paid the original build price )..


It may well be the fault of the council`s themselves, for not re-investing the money they got/get from these sales, into more council owned housing..

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Re: Where will they go ?

Where will they go? Emergency accomodation (typically B&B) at the local councils expense. Then as the supply of mortgage / profit paying tennants starts to dwindle, property owners will start to see their rental values dwindling - in theory. Once that happens more of them will consider selling up - as Fergus and Judith Wilson did. Once that happens... more people start panic selling... property values start falling....


Of course in the real world, the council will pick up the tab and support people with top up housing benefits in another property... to keep those owners happy.. while the government moans. The big mistake was to start paying rent straight to the tennants instead of direct to the owners - that allowed tennants to spend the money on other things and not the rent.


Maggie had the right idea - give people their own hopes of a home but what she should have done was to reinvest the income from those property sales into building new properties and let the cycle continue.

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Re: Where will they go ?

@shutter wrote:

It may well be the fault of the council`s themselves, for not re-investing the money they got/get from these sales, into more council owned housing..

As I remember it from decades back the councils had no choice.


"Half the proceeds of the sales were paid to the local authorities, but they were restricted to spending the money to reduce their debt until it was cleared, rather than being able to spend it on building more homes."


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Re: Where will they go ?

There are around two million people with second homes in the UK, millions more easily able to downsize, and the greatest wealth of our nation is in the hands of the smallest number. We have the solution but it seems we have neither the will or the legal ability to do anything about it.

How bad does it have to get, and how many people living and sleeping on the streets do we have to step over before the authorities act on our behalf?  We can blame Maggie of course for selling off those council houses - but then we'd just be blaming ourselves.

Maybe it's time to return to building en masse the equivalent of those 1940s prefabs, container homes.


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Re: Where will they go ?

"Where will they go?"


Well, in the mind of the government, they'll all get jobs and work hard and earn money and buy houses and the economy will flow smoothly and everyone will live happily ever after, because that's their vision of utopia... Crazy


In reality, on the streets, sofa-surfing, in old caravans on unauthorised "traveller sites", migrating northwards where it's cheaper to live, squatting, etc., all because some beancounter didn't look at the reality of the repercussions of their actions, both current and past, after all, it was under other governments that schemes where you got paid x amount of money for every child you plopped out were formulated, and that got capped a few years back, but people kept on breeding using their offspring as credit cards, pushing up the benefits income and causing the introduction of this new cap...


Meanwhile, those of us who genuinely need state benefits are treated the same way as these "kids4cash" breeders, and punished for having the audacity to have something physically and/or mentally wrong with our bodies that wasn't our fault, all in this fair and equal society, where those with more money are more equal...

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Re: Where will they go ?

Well said Twockbloke 👍👍👍
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