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Where do they find these people.

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Where do they find these people.

I switched from Three to Tesco/02 mobile as I couldn't get a signal in my house using the three network. Lately I have been missing calls as they are going straight to the automated voice on my phone saying " we cannot connect this call at the moment"
I just talked to the chat window on Tesco mobile and old Adie's coffee must have been getting cold.

Welcome to Tesco Mobile live chat. Someone will start chatting with you soon.
info: at 16:51:01
You're through to Adie.
Adie: at 16:51:06
Hi I'm Adie. How can I help?
Jim: at 16:51:09
Are we now using the three network ?
Adie: at 16:51:38
We are using O2 network coverage.
Jim: at 16:51:59
I thought three bought out 02
Adie: at 16:52:21
I am sorry however we do not have any such update and we are sharing network with O2.
Adie: at 16:52:25
No need to worry.
Adie: at 16:52:26
Is there anything else I can help you with?
Jim: at 16:53:08
I am just losing lots of calls, that is why I switched from three to Tesco / 02
Adie: at 16:53:35
You will surely get a better network here. No need to worry.
Adie: at 16:53:37
Take care.
Adie: at 16:53:41
Have a nice time, Bye.
info: at 16:53:43
Tesco Mobile has ended this chat session.

You can't get these parasites off the phone when they cold call you.
So I am still none the wiser.
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Re: Where do they find these people.

Every company is like that these days - they want to deal with customers when it suits them (money to be had) but if not they don't want to know.
Just look at the airports boarding pass scandal.
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