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Where did Kelly go? Tengi!

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Where did Kelly go? Tengi!

Hi Guys,
My lack of presence on the forums recently and mysterious job title change might have been spotted by a couple more eagle eyed of you.  Well, this is why:
I got the opportunity to join a Sheffield start up and try and do something new.  Plusnet, being awesome, let me drop down to 1 day a week, while working the other 4 on Tengi, requiring a bit of a significant job role change!  I'm now working with our Service Management team helping to look at internal SLAs around our products.
Anyway, let me know what you think about Tengi.  Not sure how much you guys use messaging apps, but if you do and want a chance to win some cash, give it a try.
PM Me if you want my mobile number so you can talk to me on it and report bugs (or join our Zendesk forum and hassle me on there!)
Kelly Dorset
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Re: Where did Kelly go? Tengi!

I saw it on your Twitter feed a few days ago.
I'm giving it a look but unlike my daughter I'm not into messaging in a big way.

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