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When you are old - how to depress yourself

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When you are old - how to depress yourself
This is the check apparently used by the NHS nowadays
At my age the chance of getting heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years is 22.6% on average and for me in particular was the same until about a week ago when I started taking a blood pressure reduction prescription and, assuming a reasonable reduction in blood pressure, it increased to 25.3%
So would the correct action be to stop taking the tablets - this isn't a serious question  Sad
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Re: When you are old - how to depress yourself

To avoid a stroke though high blood pressure:

  • Stop reading the Daily Mail

  • Cut down on the Domino's Pizzas

  • Avoid drinking with your GP in the local pub

  • Don't "strain" on the loo during the hours 1am thru 7am

My local GP's Practice recently took regular readings of my blood pressure over the period of a couple of months. They were impressed with the improvement without the need to use drugs saying the revised diet had worked.
Note: I've not changed diet, but after the first session I took a book to read whilst waiting in the surgery waiting room. I was just more chillaxed.
Now Zen, but a +Net residue.
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Re: When you are old - how to depress yourself

Oh dear  Cry
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Re: When you are old - how to depress yourself

My attitude is not to think about it!
I'm 63 going on 33, working in Saudi Arabia on a power station construction project. Up and down scaffold, and around a large site. Sure I have aches and pains but I dont have time to think about them. Give youself something to do. Drink it while its fizzing. Cheesy Cool
To do is to be - Neitzsche
To be is to do - Kant
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Re: When you are old - how to depress yourself

A good philosophy for life Peter Smiley Smiley Smiley