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Wheely bin issue

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Wheely bin issue

After putting our bins for collection the other night I saw the next door neighbour dumping a few bags of what looked like paper into one of our wheely bins which was the correct ones for paper, not the first time I have noticed him dumping his rubbish into our bins.

This morning on going to get the empty bins I find the one for paper had not been emptied with a card attached to inform me the bin had not been emptied due to inappropriate material in the bin, on checking what he had dumped in the bin was old wallpaper bits.

Having confronted him about it he removed the stuff out of my bin along with most of my stuff.

Hopefully that will be a end to the matter but if it occurs again can the council or anyone else take action over something like this.?

I noted of course his own bin had been emptied, the council tip is no more than 5 minutes drive away and the guy is no older than mid 40's.

The thing that bugs me most is some people are either to lazy or inconsiderate these days.


Rant over.



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Re: Wheely bin issue



When you put your bin out, don't put it outside your house, but some distance away, where it will still be emptied.

Put it the other side of a neighbours bin.

And don't have your house number on the bin, use some other identifying mark. 



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Re: Wheely bin issue

I would speak to the council and ask what the situation is regards their point of view. You don't have to mention names if you don't want.

Personally I think it is totally unacceptable to use someones bin without their permission and even then the council may not think it acceptable.

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Re: Wheely bin issue

That's a pretty rubbish attitude your neighbour has so I’m with Mayfly on this one. Call your council directly and ask them what the protocol is regarding this. You may even get your bin emptied when they know you're not at fault. You can tell them that you saw your neighbour doing it but thought not to comment at the time as you knew there was a spare bit of capacity in the bin and you didn’t want a bun fight. But now that your bin hasn’t been emptied it is more of an issue than you originally thought.

If you’re able to get a camera to monitor your bin once it’s out. If you delay putting them out the neighbour will know you’re hacked off and this just might escalate the situation. But with a camera, you’ll be able to gather the evidence you need to either speak to your neighbour to ask them to desist and if that fails you have it for the council.