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Wheelchairs, buggies, and busses.

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Wheelchairs, buggies, and busses.

I cannot help but feel sympathy with both parties here, not just the wheelchair user.

Mums with kids, shopping and buggies on a bus take some handling and being asked to scoop it all up and squash into another seat further down must be really difficult. Mind you, there was a time when pushchairs could be folded and put under the stairs, there was no 'reserved' seating for the elderly, and wheelchairs were not accommodated for at all.

Just find it hard to imagine how we can have a world that caters for all needs regardless and although we should strive to make some peoples less 'poopy', a line has to be drawn surely.

Contentious? It sure is. Sad

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Re: Wheelchairs, buggies, and busses.

I, too, can see both sides of this .... now that he has "won" his right to a place on the bus.... what happens if another disabled person in a wheelchair, has already occupied the "allocated" space the previous, or earlier stops ?



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Re: Wheelchairs, buggies, and busses.

As the number of bus services decrease and the number of disabled people increase the situation can only get worse.