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Whatsapp Down

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Whatsapp Down

Yesterday I sent a message with embedded image via Whatsapp to a friend.

He couldn't view the image properly as it was blurred.

I viewed the post on my PC via Whatsapp Web and the image was also blurred but clear on my phone.

My friend's phone reported 'unable to download image'

I tried various things last night with no success.

I Googled the issue and Downdetector reported an outage of Whatsapp with people reporting various problems including the one I was experiencing.

Nowhere on Whatsapp could I find a service status but if anyone can point me to it...most welcome.

I still don't know if the issue is fixed yet. A number of newspapers' sites reported the issue yesterday.

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Re: Whatsapp Down

There were issues for all for Facebooks services with images yesterday insta, whatsapp and fb.
it is now resolved
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Re: Whatsapp Down

I guess it must have been horrific for some people to face real life for a few hours.

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Re: Whatsapp Down

There there!This is how you cure it. (taken from another forum)E57-C78-EF-57-F8-469-F-B21-E-2-E68-E8645-B50

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.
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Re: Whatsapp Down


We can all smile at the humour when we are local to somebody and not that I use such applications m'self, but like many our family is spread wide and it's amazing how such intimate contact can be made when they are so far away.

I never thought for one moment I'd be around long enough to see such technology. When I was a kid private homes did not even have a phone and when we all started having them in the late sixties such things as video calls were pure science fiction.

It is strange though when that which has brought us closer together serves to keep us further apart...even when we are stood next to each other.

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Re: Whatsapp Down

@Minivanman In all seriousness, I completely get that - social media really does bring people together.

My tounge-in-cheek comment there was aimed at the people we've all seen who can't seem to leave their phones alone for more than a few minutes at a time.

I guess I'm just old.