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What to do on a rainy day ! !

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What to do on a rainy day ! !

I bet a load of you  get bored, and can`t think what to do on a rainy day.... Yeah... I know.... summer is on it`s way.... but we still get a fair bit of bad rainy days, and often we cannot think of anything to  do, apart from slopping around on the sofa pretending to be interested in what`s on the telly....

Just found this site...  Loads of stuff on there.... ! !


and there are some really cool ideas and projects.... Like......


making a cement mixer out of a couple of cans, to stir your instant coffee and then pour it into your mug...


Or how to build a GIANT  ( and I do mean G I A N T  sized ) Nintendo Switch....


a Super sized "spectrum analyser" to go with your sound system....


Homebrew ELECTRIC aeroplane... ( part 1            and part 2           ) ...


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Re: What to do on a rainy day ! !