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What sort of Assault?

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What sort of Assault?

Here is an interesting one it’s a very long story but very briefly. My partner went into hospital for a hernia operation to be done under local and sedation it was supposed to take 30 mins. Before she went in to be operated on she said I do not want my knickers removing and I do not want a suppository and they said that this wouldn’t be a problem.
She went into theatre and they sedated her and then removed her knickers’ which she had refused consent. The gave 10 mg of Midazolam in one dose as shown on her records which is potentially fatal this drug gives sexual fantasies and she dreamt she was being gang raped (being 22 st at the time it would take a few people to remove her knickers) you are supposed to give 2mg at a time.
They gave 900mg of local instead of 400mg and didn't give adrenaline which was nearly fatal. There was no anesthetist and she woke screaming the place down after an hour she nearly died as her heart rated dropped due to the wrong medication. When the operation was over which had gone on 2 ½ hours as she was coming around they gave her the suppository she wasn’t given a choice they lifted her legs and gave it her without asking or anything.
The surgeon was taken to a GMC fitness to practice panel and found guilty of 22 charges one being that he got a doctor in there first week of training to get consent and as they couldn’t give enough information for her to make informed consent  therefore consent was invalid.
The GMC investigated and confirmed that the suppository was given without consent,
The Health Care commission investigated and the Ombudsman has twice investigated and found there was no consent for the removal of knickers and suppository and there final report came just before Xmas 4 years after the event.
Having stated there is no consent and the Ombudsman ruled it was worse as she had actively denied consent  it is therefore assault but what sort sexual as penetration took place?
The hospital refuse to name those responsible or report them for there actions they haven’t even apologized for what has happened.

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Re: What sort of Assault?

Refer the matter to the Police asd ask them to put a case for prosecution to the DPP.