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What's in the news today Jim?

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What's in the news today Jim?

Well this this maligned lady is for starters, and all for uttering a word that only certain people can say unchallenged and one that the BBC can actually include in the article. What's all that about?

I happen to agree with every word she said even though from her position she chose the wrong one to use, so as far as I (and many others I suspect) are concerned, this is just another 'twitch hunt' and I'm disappointed at Theresa Mays response. I expected better. 

Context and content to be sure, but what a ridiculous politically correct reaction.


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Re: What's in the news today Jim?

Ah PC, soon it'll take over to the point where we can't identify people by gender (already kind of happening now), whether someone is right or left handed, what colour their eyes are, or whether they breathe or not...

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Re: What's in the news today Jim?

I'm sure she did not intend any racial slur. The world is infested with those, who professionally take offence, encourage others to take offence, and look for more to take offence at. I think it has in a way a relationship with the chasing of historic abuse, and old men, who allegedly did something 30+ years ago are pursued to the grave and beyond, despite their record since, or the record of the the accuser. How long before a corpse is disinterred and put on trial? If the warriors let it, the saying would pass into idiom and thus lose its offensive significance.

Put her offence against the Viscount! I know, who is worse, by a mile!


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Re: What's in the news today Jim?

I don't know what the fuss is about.

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